Our mission is to facilitate positive and accurate communication between diverse people, cultures, and organizations by providing ethical cross-cultural educational experiences and high-quality print, web, publishing, photography.

We believe in doing business in a way that is ethical and ecological– good for the planet and good for the soul.

Our specialty is cross-cultural education that is ethical, sustainable and transformational.

We believe in connecting great ideas with powerful images, text and visual identity that communicates deeply, irresistibly and succinctly.

We specialize in projects relating to hiking trails, narrative tourism, outdoor adventure travel, cross-cultural education and development of travel guides.

We are travelers, familiar with diverse cultures and languages, experienced in translating narratives across cultural borders

We are tech-savvy, skilled in harnessing the global communication power of the internet to move your story from the fringe to the mainstream.

We are dreamers, able to imagine your potential with creativity, optimism and confidence.

We put dreams into action; our efficient strategic team quickly identifies and implements practical steps to build foundations under your organization’s dreams and vision.

We are storytellers ready to connect your story to the world, village by village.