groupA hiking trail is a long-term project, so any successful hiking trail initiative must seek to empower local communities with the skills to maintain and continue to develop the trail and trail services. Local ownership is a crucial component of the long-term success of any hiking trail. We seek to come alongside local communities and support them in increasing their knowledge and capacity in the experiential and outdoor adventure tourism market.

The technical assistance and consultation we offer to local communities includes:

  • Assistance in identifying and train home stay accommodations, meal, guiding and transport options for hikers in accordance with international standards

  • Training of local guides in outdoor leadership and Wilderness First Aid and response. We are certified by SOLO School of Wilderness Medicine as instructors of Wilderness First Aid and Wilderness First Responder.

  • Consulting on the development of quality standards and manuals

  • Training of community members in GIS data collection, analysis, and application

  • Technical assistance in utilizing social media and public relations strategies to increase awareness and appeal of the trail